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About Focus Express Cargo

Focus Express Cargo is a privately owned independent freight company based in India and is regarded as one of the leading global freight forwarders, with a worldwide operation.

Focus Express Cargo has a Team of Members who have more than 20 years of experience in Logistics and has grown from strength to strength with truly global. Thanks to the Focus Express Cargo's dedicated network of agents worldwide, committed to Focus Express Cargo very personal and flexible approach to serve the shipping industry. With a strong network of partners, Focus Express Cargo is able to ship anything almost anywhere in the World. Focus Express Cargo takes care of the documentation as well as gives reliable local advice.

Care | Innovation | Speed | Safety

We are not just about competitive rates, Service is at the very heart of Focus Express Cargo's approach to business. We are proud of the knowledge of global shipping we are able to bring to our clients. Our huge experience in the market makes us the ideal partner, able to advice on the most efficient routes and methods of transportation. Our expertise allows our customers to focus on what they are good at and we take care of the shipments from door to door

Focus Express Cargo's network of offices and global partnerships provide a seamless service. Whether you are a seasoned shipper or new to the Trade. Focus Express Cargo can offer you the full of support you require.

Our team of experienced operators will work with you to make sure every aspect is arranged including all the documentation and customs clearance etc. The most economical method of shipment, combined with the most reliable route, is always recommended by ensuring shipments forwarded by sea or air arrive at the destination on time and at the right price.

Why Choosing us?

Global supply Chain Solutions

Non-Stop Service

Competitive Pricing

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods