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Focus Express Cargo offer a full range of air freight services from all major Indian airports. We are support by a network of partners and agents so we can ensure your consignments are handle efficiently and with due care and attention.


This is the Privacy Policy of Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd, This Privacy Policy elaborates on our processes of gathering, processing, using and protecting data, in relation to our website http://focus3pl.com/ (hereafter “website”). Our Privacy Policy is applicable to all users/visitors of/on our website (hereafter “users”).

What data do we gather?

We gather the following personal data, if you provide us with such:

  • Name;
  • Company name;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Communication between the user and Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd (we may send service-related emails). Also, by using our website, you give permission for us to gather the following data:

    Log file information

    We gather information which your browser sends each time you visit our website. This log file may contain information such as your IP-address, browser-type, version of the browser, the pages of our website which you visit, the time and date of your visit, location if you share this, the time spent on our pages and other statistics.

    We do NOT gather your IP-address with the intention to identify you as a person. We will not compare the unidentifiable data we possess with other available information in order to determine your identity. Analytical services

    We use analytical services of third parties. These services help us to analyze trends and traffic on our website. These third-party-services gather data sent by your computer, or other devices, to our website. This data concerns the pages of our website which you visited, add-ons we use and the functionalities of our website which you use. These tools use ‘cookies’. These are plain text-files which are saved on your hard-drive, or in the internal memory of your computer.

    Cookies are not harmful and nonintrusive and cannot damage any files on your computer. Cookies gather unidentifiable data about your log-information and behavior. We cannot in any way identify you. You can easily delete these cookies from your computer from the folder ‘Cookies’. You can also change your browser settings to prevent your browser from automatically accepting cookies. Google Analytics installs a permanent cookie on your web browser, but cannot identify you. This cookie cannot be used by any other party than Google. Google’s right to use and share information is limited by the ‘Google Analytics Terms of use’ and the ‘Google Privacy Policy’. You can prevent Google Analytics from identifying you by switching off cookies in your browser settings.

    Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd uses remarketing services to advertise on websites of third parties, after your visit to our website. We, and third parties with which we cooperate, use cookies to optimize advertisements showed to you based on your previous sessions.

    Google: Google AdWords remarketing service is offered by Google Inc. You can opt-out for YouGoogle Analytics for Display Advertising by visiting the Google Ads Settings page: http://www.google.com/settings/ads. Google advises to install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on -

    https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on offers users the ability to prevent their data from being gathered and shared by Google Analytics. For more information about the privacy policy of Google you can visit the following website: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

    All other services we use to gather information concerning the behavior of our visitors follow hereunder. The information they gather are not linkable to a person and exclusively offer insight in the quality of our website and our services. This information is used to optimize our website and services.

    Google Analytics: Analyses your visit to our site. It offers anonymous statistics that are not linkable to a person. HotJar: Analyses your visit to our site. It offers anonymous statistics that are not linkable to a person.

    Lead Forensics: Analyses your visit to our site. It offers anonymous statistics that are not linkable to a person.

    How do we use this data?

    All gathered data is used to support and improve our services and website by:
    • Testing and improving the user experience of our website and services;
    • Chartering statistics, such as the number of visitors and traffic on our website;
    • Diagnose and solve technical issues;
    • Test and/or develop new products and functionalities.
    • Adjusting, optimizing and targeted offering of information based on visitor profiles and company types.
    • Enter into contact with (potential) customers


    We can use the personal data provided by you to contact you for newsletters or marketing- and promotional purposes which may be of interest to you. You can opt out for these communications by contacting us through info@focus3pl.com with subject “Opt out of promotional communication”.

    How is this information shared?

    We will not rent or sell your (personal) data to third parties. We may, considering our justified interest, share data if not in conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation, in order to be able to use the services of these third parties, unabated the responsibility of these third parties and us to handle this data with care and responsibility. We may also share available data in order to comply with a competent governmental order/issue of a governmental institution with sufficient and effective jurisdiction.

    We are not responsible for data which is gathered, stolen or multiplied by a third party, without our permission, by an unlawful intrusion, a violation of a law or regulation, unabated our responsibility to take adequate measures to prevent such intrusion or violation.

    Change of competence

    If Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd, or a part thereof, is sold, transferred or any of our assets becomes property of another entity (for example as a result of a fusion, takeover, bankruptcy, ending or selling-off), data available via the website may also be transferred. The buyer or receiver will honor the agreements in this privacy policy.

    Lawful request and damage prevention We are, by a lawful request, capable to give access to any data available to us, to save and/or share (for example in case of a search warrant, court order or summons). We are also competent to save and/or share data if we deem in necessary for tracking, preventing and report fraud or other illegal activities to protect you, others and ourselves. Data received by us can be opened, edited and stored for a longer period if this is necessary to comply with a judicial order, a legal obligation, an investigation regarding our conditions, policy or in any other way to prevent damages.

    Safety and security

    Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd takes adequate and appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your data from loss or any illegal access. We have taken security measures to protect data on our website. However, Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd cannot guarantee that this data will never be opened, revealed, changed or destroyed. You are, at all times, responsible for the management of correspondence between you and Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd. We are not responsible for the functionality, privacy or security measures of any other organization/entity.

    The use of our website and the data exchanged, gathered and analyzed is encrypted with an SSL-certificate. You can recognize it by the lock and green letters in the URL bar.

    International transfer

    Gathered information and statistics may be transferred and maintained, by the aforementioned third parties, on computers or servers outside the Netherlands, where regulations regarding data protection may differ. This concerns unidentifiable data.

    Storage periodM

    In compliance with the law, Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd stores data no longer than is necessary for the realization of the goals it was gathered or processed for, unabated our responsibility to comply with legal duties, such as maintaining a just and good administration and data policy.

    Right to access, object, change and to be forgotten When you wish to access your data, request a change to this data, object to our possession of that data or if you want to exercise your right to be forgotten, for example in case of incorrect, irrelevant or incomplete information, you can send a request via email to info@focus3pl.com with the subject “Request with regard to personal data”.

    Applications, website and third party services

    We are not responsible for the practices of applications, websites or services of third parties, which are linked to or from our website. Our privacy policy is not applicable if/when you click a link to go from our website to another application, website or service. Your behavior in an application, on a website or service of a third party, where under parties with a link on our website, are subject to their own rules and policies.


    Focus Express Cargo Pvt Ltd may, from time to time and without preceding warning or further notice, change this privacy policy, to comply with new regulation and/or other legal obligations. It is recommended to read this privacy policy from time to time. Changes to this privacy policy enter into force the moment it is published on our website.


    If you have any question regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us by sending an email to info@focus3pl.com with the subject “Inquiry about Privacy Policy”.